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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Why must our employees/Authorized Agents be trained?
A: The TSA has mandated that each IAC "adopt and carry out a security program in order to prevent or deter the unauthorized introduction of any explosive or incendiary device into any package cargo intended for carriage on a passenger aircraft."

Q: What are the chances that we are not in compliance with the new TSA regulations?
A: According to industry sources, an estimated 95% of the over 3,800 TSA approved indirect air carriers in the United States are not in compliance with the TSA's mandated security and security training requirements.

CNS requires that at least one person at each of your locations be trained by an IATA validated trainer. Additionally, if every member of your staff that accepts cargo is not trained in some manner then you are not in compliance and you are not ready for a TSA inspection.

Q: What are the consequences of being out of compliance?
A: Failure to be in compliance puts you at risk of stiff financial penalties, being forced out of business for non-compliance, or worse, putting the safety of the flying public at risk. Are you prepared for 10's of thousands of dollars worth of liability for noncompliance?

The TSA has the authority to impose these fines and even suspend your operation for failure to demonstrate and provide adequate evidence of training. This may result in the assessment of a fine of $1,000 per untrained employee. How many employees do you have? WHY TAKE THE RISK?

Q: What authority does the TSA have to inspect us?
A: United States Code (USC) 5123(a)(1) gives the TSA the authority to levy civil penalties against regulated parties. If your company accepts cargo destined for passenger carrying aircraft, then you are a regulated party.

The TSA is conducting inspections of all indirect air carriers to insure compliance. One of those compliance items is your "training program". In order for you to have received your "TSA Approval Number" and to be in business, you signed and certified in writing to the TSA that you have a training program. Do you? Can you and your employees demonstrate knowledge of the IACSSP?

Q: Who must be trained?
A: The TSA's regulatory requirements have defined this group as "all employees / authorized agents involved in the acceptance of all cargo destined by air". CNS requires that at least one employee at each of your locations be trained by an IATA certified trainer like IAC Training, Inc.

Q: How do I know if we are in compliance?
A: IAC Training can examine your workspace and identify noncompliance areas on a consulting basis before the TSA arrives. We can even help estimate and assess those penalties, and design a program to assure that you will be in compliance.

Q: Does your training include the TSA's latest Emergency Amendments?
A: Yes it does. Our training program includes up to the minute information.

Q: Why are IAC Training's programs superior?
A: Our company is considered by IATA/CNS as the number one provider of IACSSP training. We are proud to provide training services to thousands of indirect air carriers and airlines worldwide.



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