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TSA Violation Letters: we can help!

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Letters of Mitigation

The Challenge:
You have received a violation letter from the TSA.

This means your company has been cited with an IACSSP / MSP / ACISP violation. A violation, which may result in a substantial civil penalty. You may ultimately owe thousands, tens-of-thousands … and in the worst of cases … even, hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.

The Solution:
You must RESPOND to the TSA IMMEDIATELY, in writing, and how you respond can make a significant difference. (You will note, that the TSA letter will ask you to respond by a specific date.)

We can help. Our specialized staff has been involved with hundreds of FAA and TSA inspections over the years and our experience in writing letters of mitigation is second to none.

We know exactly what to say and how to say it. History shows that every word used in this letter is critical. This written response is your first and possibly only opportunity for lowering your financial liability.

The result … you may pay a lower fine. Of course, we cannot guarantee your specific results, but what we can say is that our letters, to date, have resulted in fine reductions of up to 90% of the original anticipated TSA penalty. In some cases the fines have been mitigated to zero.

Our consulting fee for letters of mitigation is $3000.00 and up depending upon complexity. The fee must be prepaid by check or major credit card prior to the start of our consulting services.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible and must still do your part by adhering to everything we state in your letter and by ensuring your full compliance with all aspects of the IACSSP / MSP/ ACISP and Emergency Amendments.

The choice is up to you … if you think we may be of help in solving your problem … contact us at:

Phone: (310) 630-0174
Toll Free: (877) 877-2419



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