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In today’s highly regulated, ever changing, aviation security cargo environment, where FAA civil penalties are frequently in the tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, not knowing and not understanding can be very costly to a company.

In 1997 airline managers Joe McGlynn and Rula Fakhouri, sensed a growing need for training. The two developed a program aimed at assisting companies to understand and comply with the FAA’s Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program and its mandated training requirement.

McGlynn and Fakhouri vowed to make their training product different, very different, from any training they had experienced in their aviation careers. "After sitting through countless boring … when is this going to end … training seminars, we knew there had to be a better way," says McGlynn co-founder of IAC Training, Inc. "Bored people do not learn! Regardless of how little you may have paid for a class … if you or your staff did not learn the material … it’s no bargain and you’ve wasted your money".

IAC Training’s philosophy is to carefully decipher what is frequently considered to be mundane and complex regulations into a simplified and understandable format. The company then takes the critical extra step of presenting the material in a compelling, energetic, interesting, and entertaining manner, ensuring personalized attention to each and every student.

"We always believed our concept of making training interactive would be well received, but our success with this approach has surprised even me," says Fakhouri. "Our students recognize the difference immediately! Their comments reflect not only their new found knowledge of the material but that they actually enjoyed the training".

The company’s successful approach has attracted an impressive customer list of hundreds of cargo companies, freight forwarders, and couriers nationwide. Boasting such well-known international airlines as Qantas Airways and Air New Zealand among their most satisfied customers. IAC Training also offers Ground Security Coordinator Training and cargo security training to international air carriers serving U. S. airports.

Further proof of IAC Training’s position as the premier provider of aviation security training came earlier this year when it was the first company chosen by IATA/CNS as the validated provider for the Basic Indirect Air Carrier Security Training Course.

As a result of CNS’s announcement making this course mandatory for each CNS Endorsed Cargo Agent, IAC Training is offering hundreds of classes nationwide. For a complete listing of classes contact IAC Training, Inc. Toll Free at 877-877-2419 or visit the company’s website at www.iactraining.com.

From its base in Los Angeles, IAC Training also provides a wide range of customized training products worldwide.


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