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Compliance With The Dynamic Transportation Security Administration
By Joe McGlynn, President, IAC Training

According to TSA sources, the majority of the over 3,800 TSA approved indirect air carriers in the United States are not in compliance with all of the TSA's mandated security and security training requirements. Failure to be in compliance puts them at risk of stiff financial penalties that could amount to tens of thousand of dollars, being forced out of business for non-compliance, or worse, putting the safety of the flying public at risk.

Security requirements, security training requirements, and indirect air carrier responsibilities continue to grow in the current environment where terrorism has become a major concern in the daily life of the aviation industry. The White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security pointed out the "need to improve security and the training that goes along with it". The TSA, heeding that advice has hired hundreds of new Special Agents to focus on security. Cargo security is a primary item on their agenda.

As the TSA's inspection efforts continue to increase, the demand for Training classes will soar. Register now. The TSA's regulatory requirements have defined this market, as "all employees involved in the acceptance of cargo".

The TSA has issued new security regulations to the indirect air carrier industry. The regulations take the form of emergency amendments and must be adhered to immediately upon receipt.

IAC Training's course provides a student with a thorough working knowledge of the TSA Regulations. Students are better prepared to understand their daily responisbility to the security functions required & their role in national aviation security. IAC Training provides a valuable service to the indirect air carrier, the TSA and the nation. Helping to ensure the safety and well being of all air travelers.



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